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Mark Hamill

Star Wars




  • Some cool upcoming comic book events
  • Cap-centric event: Secret Empire
  • GL/Planet of the Apes crossover
  • Marv Wolfman to write a 5 issue Bullseye mini-series for Marvel
  • Civil War II wrap-up discussion
  • Unworthy Thor
  • Titans
  • Inhumans vs X-Men


Many will say this more eloquently than I will, but I wanted to take a second to recognize the life and work of Carrie Fisher. Though she was more than just Star Wars, that's what I and many readers of this site will recognize her for, and what changed many of our lives. A generation of boys and girls grew up with Carrie's Leia being the first woman who was more than just a damsel in distress, and a woman that they could look up to.

Carrie was an immense talent, outspoken and flawed in a way that made her more than just Leia to many others. You'll find Star Wars quotes and platitudes in the many over the next few days, so I will just say this - we'll miss you, Carrie, and thank you for all that you've done for us.

Just a few months younger than another wonderful person that passed this year, my mother in law, Debbie, who in many ways are similar. I'm sure they'll get along great, wherever they are.

Rogue One

Matt and Eddie had the chance to check out Rogue One on opening night (at least, for us regular plebes that don't get to go to openings.) Grab your favorite droid, strap into your Jedi robes, and listen to us go over all of the things we liked, really liked, and super liked about the movie. Yeah, we liked it.

My spidey sense is tingling


  • Eddie finally listened to The Stage by Avenged Sevenfold



Vidia Games

  • Matt is replaying the Final Fantasy series


  • Flash
  • Arrow
  • Legends of Tomorrow


  • Reliving the Monday Night Wars
  • Classic match review
    • Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin - Wrestlemania 13 (1997)

The CW's 'Don't Call them the Justice League' Justice League

WWE TLC breakdown

  • The Boys talk about the TLC pay-per-view, and catch up on Survivor Series
  • Eddie watches old stuff. It was a slobber-knocker!

CW DC Universe Cross-over event

  • Supergirl
  • Flash
  • Arrow
  • Legends of Tomorrow



Video games


Joining us this week:

Ryan Bailey

Logan IMAX poster

WWE Hell in a Cell results/discussion

  • Roman Reigns over Rusev - HIAC
  • Bayley over Dana Brooke
  • The Club over Enzo & Cass
  • Owens over Rollins - HIAC
  • Brian Kendrick over TJ Perkins
  • Cesaro & Shaemus by DQ over New Day
  • Charlotte over Sasha Banks - HIAC



  • The Flash teases a possible return from an old friend