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Joining us this week:

Bryce Summers

In the third of the Star Wars special episode series, we talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That's all you'll get in the description, suffice it to say we had plenty to talk about.

This episode contains tons of spoilers. Do not listen if you don't want to be spoiled.

Joining us this week:

Bryce and Sam Summers

Matt, Eddie, Bryce and Sam are back this week talking about the original Star Wars trilogy in anticipation of The Force Awakens opening.

Joining us this week:

Bryce Summers, Sam Summers

This week Matt and Eddie, along with special guest hosts Bryce and Sam, talk about the Star Wars Prequel trilogy. The four gentleman wax philosophic about these truly artful and timeless pieces. Unfortunately, we only had a couple of hours to dedicate to their majesty.

Look for the next special episode where we discuss the original trilogy!

This week, we talk to Marv Wolfman, writer and creator of some major characters you've probably read: Tim Drake, Nova Prime, Blade, Deathstroke, Cat Grant, Electrocutioner, Cyborg, and the New Teen Titans.

This was a huge amount of fun for us, so give it a listen.

Joining us this week:

Marv Wolfman