Love in the Time of Corona, bring your own lime

  • The boys discuss quarantine and whatever, because how could they not
  • What’s your panic level? What did you panic or overbuy?


  • Eddie plays
    • ‘GTA V’
    • dips toes into ‘Doom’ (not ‘Eternal’, he’s behind)
    • Minecraft - New server, now bedrock edition
    • ‘The Last of Us’
  • Matt Plays
    • ‘Dragon Quest XIs: The Definitive Edition’ so much his wife wants a divorce
    • Matt plays ‘Fallen Order'


  • ‘Star Trek: Picard’
  • Eddie remembers why he likes classic Trek
  • Speaking of ‘The Last of Us’ - HBO developing series
  • Jumanji: The Next Level
  • Movies releasing early on streaming